We have an exciting and fun week ahead of us; certain grades will have to complete some of their units of inquiry but we will all celebrate a different theme on each one of the days.

Lundi: Journée en Pyjama
Mardi: Les Superhéros
Mercredi: Journée farfelue
Jeudi: Journée Sportive
Vendredi: La St. Patrick


I hope that all families of St Jude's Academy are enjoying this weekend to spend some quality time and share their love with their family members.

Students will be completing the Valentine's theme with our love to our families. They will be learning to name their family members, describe them by using possessive adjectives, irregular verbs, and fun activities.



Students are now completing the winter theme and will be learning about their family’s members and Valentine’s. They will warm up their hearts by describing their best friends, creating headbands and writing messages to their love ones.
Le coeur
Les chocolats
Le cupidon
Une carte 
Les fleurs
Un bouquet de roses

Students will be studying the following units according to their grades. 

(Jan. 29th – March 9th)

Grade 2: (U2) WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME (“Super Simple Machines”)
Central IdeaSimple machines have helped shape the world”
-             How do I name the most popular simple machines in French?
-             How do those machines work?
-             Why are those machines important nowdays?
-             What is my favourite simple machine?
VOCABULAIRE:  Les Machines et leurs fonctions.

Grade 3: (U5) HOW WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES (“Country Mouse and City Mouse”)
Central Idea“Geographic and environmental factors influence the development of communities”
-             How do I name different establishments?
-             What objects we found in the city vs. the country?
-             What type of activities can I do in the city?
-             What lifestyle do I prefer to live in?
VOCABULAIRE: Urban vs. rural objects.
VERBE: ALLER à (to go)  … / Venir de (To come) 

Grade 5: (U1) WHO WE ARE (“The Human Body”)
Central Idea: "The human body is a highly organized structure made up of different systems that work together to accomplish functions necessary to sustain life.”
-How to name the body parts in French?
-What activities are related to each one of my body parts?
-How do I describe physical and emotional characteristics?
VOCABULAIRELes parties du corps, Les Systemes
EXPRESSION: J’ai … (Expressions du verbe “AVOIR”)

The Grade 2's and up are now learning about the winter season. Students are reviewing winter vocabulary and focusing on actions (verbs) in order to conjugate them and write simple sentences related to the winter season. They will be reading and doing short comprehension texts about winter.

Le Bonhomme de neige
Le manteau
Les bottes
Le bonnet
Le foulard
Les gants
 Les sports d'hiver